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Vukani Gcabashe


We can achieve more as friends, be mine.

I am Vukani.

I love learning, not so much school but my love for learning started in my late primary school years, and reading books was a way for me to spend time doing the least and the most at the same time, but I realized I enjoyed it and it did help me become a better conversationalist so I did not stop.

books I read:

Reading books, mainly self-growth books because I love working on myself and becoming a better me, I love learning life skills that make me more efficient and lovable, and useful to others.

  • John Maxwell: The guy I follow for leadership material.
  • Napoleon Hill: His material has helped me understand personal finances and goal making/reaching.
  • Dale Carnegie: His material has helped me a lot with how I interact with people and also communicate.
  • Robin Constantine: Her material is lovely and has content I think everyone should touch.
  • Capitalist Nigger: This material is great work expressing how the black race has accepted a victim-based mindset and he shows possible ways to adjust the mindset of the nation.
  • Frogs into Princes: Material I love that expresses the nature of human experience and communication and how we can use this to make better traditions, learning platforms, and growth strategies.
  • The Compound Effect: Another lovely piece expressing how the decision-making process does shape your reality and why this work should be given attention.
  • The 48 Laws of power: One powerful bible that opens ones mind to the hierarchy and why people have to accept it and work with it not against it.
  • Still loading..........

learning code:

I only had a taste of what programming is during my first year university year, I was clueless and only had a clear idea of what it is and how many opportunities it was going to give me during my second year and I took that chance to focus on learning it, writing my java programs and trying to code along with videos.

I guess I fell in love with the field of programming then and decided to beast out and focus on it in my life. I am happy I made that decision too because I still enjoy doing this and will continue at it.

Other things:

  • Still getting into tech writing, my idea is for me to document things I learn as I learn and experience them.
  • I do enjoy editing images and I am currently learning photo editing and this is mainly because my friend is such a savage photographer.
  • I enjoy writing code and actually growing as a developer, and I hope one day I work on some life-changing material.